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The film is about a spoiled but very beautiful girl, Aki Sasaki, who seduces her best friend's husband into porn. Since she was invited by her friend and her husband to come home to visit, she has been constantly paying attention to her friend's husband. When her friend wasn't paying attention, she continuously did actions that made her husband feel really "uncomfortable". "Unpleasant" is because she is always sexually suggestive, touching her husband's body, and the husband only knows how to sit and enjoy it. Later, he took the initiative with her, the two of them took each other into the room and had sex in all positions while her friend still innocently prepared dinner...

WANZ-671 Seduce your husband

 Movie Information

 Quick Link: phim4.jav69.tube/89  phim4.jav69.tube/code/WANZ-671 

 Movie Code: WANZ-671 

 Actor: Aki Sasaki 

 Category: Japanese Sex Movies Adultery Sex Movie XNXX SEXTOP1 

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