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The fat man and his wife moved to a centralized boarding house. Here, he met many young girls, and his life of enjoying beautiful women began from there. The first morning when he arrived at his new home, he was captivated by his sexy sister Aiko. They were about to "have sex" when the landlady came home. Aiko invited the fat guy to her room and fucked her. After a while, her friend Kagami came home from school, heard her moaning at the door, and just then the fat guy and Aiko finished having sex. A moment later Kagami went down to the kitchen, she deliberately dressed sexy to seduce the fat guy. Just in time for the boss to go out, Kagami sucked his cock right in the kitchen. One night, the fat man was so thirsty that he propositioned his wife but she pushed him away. Bored, he went to the kitchen to drink beer and saw Hama taking a bath. Seeing that he had lost weight, Hama immediately propositioned him. After showering, she went to the kitchen to get beer to drink. After a while, the two of them got drunk and started having sex. The two of them had sex all night downstairs, without knowing that another girl was watching and masturbating alone right on the stairs. It's true that the fat guy is lucky enough to have sex with beautiful young girls every day.

SW-161 The fat guy is lucky

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 Quick Link: phim4.jav69.tube/496  phim4.jav69.tube/code/SW-161 

 Movie Code: SW-161 

 Actor: Kotomi Asakura 

 Category: Japanese Sex Movies Adultery Sex Movie SEXTOP1 

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