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This time Furukawa and Hatori were assigned to go on a business trip, unfortunately a storm suddenly hit and they had to spend the night here. Because they didn't book a room in advance, they could only find one room. Knowing that Hatori was still a virgin, Furukawa felt there was no problem sharing a room. Even though they had umbrellas, they were still wet when they arrived at the hotel. Because he was soaked and the shirt stuck to his body, making it almost transparent, Hatori couldn't take his eyes off Furukawa's breasts! Seeing that, she even deliberately teased him by unbuttoning her shirt, completely revealing her bra underneath. Hatori hugged her tightly, knowing this young man was extremely “bored” so Furukawa offered to suck his cock. But being with his beautiful mistress, seeing her body, sucking her cock, how could he stop?! No matter how hard Furukawa tried to convince him, Hatori still put on a condom and clumsily inserted his thick cock inside. Because it was his first time, he ejaculated very quickly. Furukawa is not only angry but also amusing with his innocent and clumsy appearance. So she decided to teach him how to make love properly. Furthermore, she did not expect her subordinate to work very well, but in bed, he is a genius who only knows one-tenth! Overnight, he brought her to orgasm again and again, letting her enjoy pleasures that her boyfriend could never have!

A male employee lost his virginity on a long business trip with his female boss

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